Registration information / Race official registration

What is a race official?

There are four registration types of a race official that performs the role at a licenced greyhound racetrack in an official capacity. You must be registered as the type that you wish to perform the approved activities for. Below are the types of race official roles and the responsibilities:

StarterLure DriverJudgeKennel & Track Attendant
A person who is responsible for starting a race or trial.A person who is responsible for driving and controlling a lure at a race meeting or trial.A person who judges the outcome of a race or trial and records the finishing positions of the greyhounds in the race or trial.A person who is involved in race day operations in an official capacity (excluding the swabbing officials). This includes the kennel and track attendants, kennel supervisor, kennel hands, weighing officials, catching pen operators and any other staff that assist in kennelling.

The registration does not allow you to:

  • Own a greyhound
  • Keep a greyhound
  • Train or trial a greyhound
  • Breed greyhounds.

Rule 104(6) of the Greyhound Racing Rules states that an official officiating in a capacity that may have an effect on the result of an event must not:

  • Own, train or lease a greyhound in the event
  • Adjudicate on a matter in which they are involved in personally as opposed to an official capacity
  • Directly or indirectly engage in any betting transaction on that event.


  • Must be aged 18 years or over
  • National Police History Check (completed by the Commission on applicants behalf. Cost of check included in the registration fee)
  • Copy of current drivers licence or passport
  • Copy of two other forms of identification
  • Colour passport style photograph.

Registration Fee:

Please note that the registration fee is for the race official role and not on which roles you select to apply for.

New application:Renewal:
  • $81 (1 year)
  • $105 (3 years)
  • $22 (1 year)
  • $46 (3 years)

How long will the application take to process?

Upon receiving your complete application, we aim to process it within 10 business days.

How can I apply?

Apply online button

Download a printable copy of the application here.