Greyhound Welfare / Code of Practice

Current Code of Practice

There are currently two Codes of Practice outlining the welfare standards NSW greyhound owners, trainers and breeders are obliged to meet:

Breaches of the code of practice can be dealt with through requirements such as imposing a condition on registration or penalties such as fines, suspension or disqualification from participating in the industry. Stronger penalties apply to more serious offences.

Draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice

The Greyhound Industry Reform Panel recommended establishing an enforceable code of practice containing the minimum standards of care for greyhounds throughout their life.

The Commission has developed a draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice in close consultation with the Animal Welfare Committee. The draft code is now open for public consultation until 31 March 2020. Feedback can be provided online or in writing to the Commission. View more information about the draft code here. 

The draft code is based on the five domains of animal welfare. These include nutrition, environment, health, behaviour and mental state. The draft code contains standards for the keeping, treatment, handling and care of greyhounds. It also includes standards for the facilities, equipment and conditions at premises where greyhounds are kept, trialled, trained or raced. In addition, the code will contain standards for the procedures and practices to be adopted for keeping, trialling, training and racing greyhounds.

The Greyhound Racing Act 2017 stipulates that a greyhound racing industry participant must not own, breed or keep a greyhound unless the greyhound is registered from the time the greyhound is 12 weeks old. When implemented, the code will be fully enforced by inspectors of the Commission.