Welfare / Animal Welfare Committee

The Greyhound Industry Reform Panel recommended the creation of an Animal Welfare Committee to provide advice to the Commission on any matter relating to greyhound welfare, including the formulation of welfare policies and standards.

The Animal Welfare Committee is established by the Greyhound Racing Act 2017. The committee has five members including the chair. All members are appointed by the Chief Commissioner.

The Act states the committee comprises the following members:

  • A person, who in the opinion of the Chief Commissioner, has expertise in the area of animal welfare or behaviour and who is not a greyhound racing participant
  • A senior officer of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, New South Wales, who is nominated by the CEO of that organisation
  • The person employed in the NSW public service as the chief veterinary officer or a public service employee nominated by the chief veterinary officer
  • A representative of the greyhound racing industry
  • A person nominated by GRNSW

The members of the Animal Welfare Committee are:

  • Dr Tanya Stephens – animal welfare expert
  • Andrew Clachers – RSPCA NSW
  • Dr Juliet Corish, Department of Primary Industries (Committee chair)
  • Sandro Bechini – greyhound racing industry representative
  • Brenton Scott – GRNSW representative

The Animal Welfare Committee is assisted by Commission staff including Dr Michelle Ledger, Chief Veterinary Officer.