Integrity / Rules and policies

Greyhound Racing Rules

The Greyhound Racing Rules contain detailed requirements for participation and conduct in the NSW greyhound racing industry. The Greyhound Racing Rules apply to every greyhound, greyhound racing industry participant and greyhound racing trial track registered with the Commission. They also apply to greyhound racing clubs registered with GRNSW.

The Commission is administering the latest version of the Greyhound Racing Rules.

Previous versions of the Greyhound Racing Rules are available here.

The Greyhound Racing Rules are administered by the Commission. There are some rules that relate to the functions of GRNSW which are administered by GRNSW.

The Commission will review all Greyhound Racing Rules in consultation with GRNSW and Greyhounds Australasia.


The Commission is responsible for initiating, developing and implementing policies relating to the welfare of greyhounds. GRNSW regulatory policies applicable to greyhounds and participants that are now registered with the Commission may no longer apply or may apply with modification.

The Commission will progressively develop new regulatory policies in consultation with industry and other stakeholders.

The following codes and policies apply pending the outcome of the Commission’s review and consultation processes:

The Commission can enforce these policies under its legislation and the Greyhound Racing Rules.

List of Mandatory and Permitted Gear for Greyhounds Racing in NSW

Gear, as defined by the Greyhound Racing Rules, means any strapping or equipment (including a muzzle) permitted to be applied to a greyhound in connection with the kennelling, presentation for or competing in an Event. As a controlling body, the Commission has compiled a list of items considered mandatory or permitted gear to be applied to a greyhound in connection with kennelling, presentation for racing or trialling.

Standards of Dress

To promote the image of greyhound racing in NSW the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission has developed standards of dress that should be familiar to most participants. The Commission’s stewards may penalise participants at their discretion for failing to comply with the standards of dress.