Welfare / Animal Welfare Partners

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals NSW (RSPCA) and the Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) are the primary compliance and enforcement bodies for animal welfare issues in NSW. NSW Police investigate crimes against animals and the Office of Local Government administers and enforces legislation relating to companion animals in NSW (the Companion Animals Act 1998 and the Companion Animals Regulation 2008).

All these agencies are important animal welfare partners for the Commission.  As the Commission is responsible for investigating and prosecuting greyhound related offences in NSW, the Commission will work closely with other animal welfare regulators and NSW Police to ensure complaints are investigated and wrongdoers held to account.

The relationship between the Commission and other animal welfare regulators is an important one and information sharing will be a vital component of this relationship.  Regular meetings between the Commission and these bodies will ensure there is information sharing, particularly in relation to intelligence and investigations.  The Commission is committed to working closely with other animal welfare regulators to ensure the welfare of greyhounds remains paramount.