GWIC updates / Updated Greyhound Rehoming Policy

The Commission has recently reviewed and updated the Greyhound Rehoming Policy. Updates will come into effect on 1 December 2019.

Key features of the updated policy include:

  • Greyhounds must be provided with a ‘wind down’ period of at least 30 days after they finish racing or training, before they can be rehomed
  • Greyhounds must be desexed before being rehomed to a non-participant (member of the public)
  • New minimum standards that participants must meet in attempting to rehome greyhounds
  • Greyhounds certified by a vet as unsuitable for rehoming due to behavioural reasons will no longer be exempt from minimum rehoming requirements
  • Greyhounds must be rehomed to a competent adult
  • Heavy penalties apply when greyhounds are knowingly rehomed to another person and there is a high risk the greyhound will be euthanased soon after

Please find a summary of the key changes here.

View the policy in full here.