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Rehoming Policy

Greyhound owners are responsible for rehoming any greyhounds that they do not wish to retain.  The Commission’s Greyhound Rehoming Policy has recently been revised and specifies the requirements that greyhound owners must meet in attempting to rehome greyhounds that are retired from, or otherwise unsuitable for, racing.

The updated policy took effect on 1 December 2019.

Greyhound owners are required to prepare their greyhounds for rehoming, and make genuine attempts to rehome any greyhound that they do not wish to retain.  If an owner is unable to rehome the greyhound privately, they must first seek the greyhound’s admission to the Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) program.

If the greyhound is not admitted to the GAP Program, the owner must then:

  • seek to rehome the greyhound through at least one other pet rescue or re-homing organisation; or
  • seek the greyhound’s admission to the GAP program a second time.

These minimum rehoming requirements do not apply once a greyhound has been rehomed, or if the greyhound has been declared a dangerous or menacing dog under the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Where a greyhound owner is unable to rehome a greyhound and intends to have the greyhound euthanased, the owner must notify GWIC of their intention to euthanase the greyhound by lodging a completed Notification Form – Intent to Euthanase Greyhound at least 10 business days before the greyhound is euthanased.

Greyhound Rehoming Policy

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Failure to comply with this Policy is an offence under R 86 (ag) of the Rules of Racing, and may result in disciplinary action.