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Re-homing Policy

Where a greyhound owner is not able to retain a greyhound which is no longer suitable for racing, the greyhound owner is responsible for its re-homing.  A greyhound owner must make genuine and reasonable attempts to re-home a greyhound before considering euthanasia or surrendering the greyhound to an animal shelter or council pound.

In order to meet re-homing requirements, at a minimum greyhound owners must do at least two of the following:

  • seek the greyhound’s admission to the Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) program;
  • seek to re-home the greyhound through at least one other pet rescue or re-homing organisation; and
  • seek to re-home the greyhound privately, through at least two other unrelated parties, or seek the greyhound’s admission to the GAP program a second time.

The minimum re-homing requirements referred to above do not apply where:

  • a greyhound has already been re-homed;
  • a greyhound is certified by a registered veterinarian as unsuitable for re-homing due to untreatable behavioural problems; or
  • a greyhound is deemed by a registered veterinarian to be suffering from an intractable illness or injury that causes significant pain or discomfort or a marked reduction in quality of life, such that it is inhumane or would otherwise compromise the welfare of the greyhound to delay euthanasia.

Where a greyhound owner is unable to re-home a greyhound and wishes to have the greyhound euthanased, the owner must notify GWIC of their intention to euthanasia, by lodging a completed Notification Form – Intent to Euthanase Greyhound at least 14 days before the greyhound is euthanased.

For full details of the Greyhound Re-homing Policy, click here.

Forms relating to the Greyhound Re-homing Policy are available here.