Rules and policies

The Greyhound Racing Rules contain detailed requirements for participation and conduct in the NSW greyhound racing industry. The Greyhound Racing Rules apply to every greyhound, greyhound racing industry participant and greyhound racing trial track registered with the Commission. They also apply to greyhound racing clubs registered with GRNSW.

The Commission is applying the latest version of the Greyhound Racing Rules originally made by GRNSW and in force at 30 June 2018, and including recent amendments.

The Commission will make changes to the Greyhound Racing Rules that strengthen welfare and integrity objectives. This includes a package of changes developed by Greyhounds Australasia to bolster controls against the use of prohibited substances and racing greyhounds over consecutive days. These changes are being introduced progressively across Australian jurisdictions. It is anticipated these rule changes will come into force in NSW around September 2018. The Commission will notify participants in advance of the implementation date.

The Greyhound Racing Rules are administered by the Commission where a rule concerns a regulatory function and by GRNSW where a rule concerns an operational function. The Commission is responsible for deciding if a particular rule is regulatory or operational, where there is uncertainty.

The Commission will review all Greyhound Racing Rules and make replacement rules by 30 June 2019 following consultation with stakeholders.

The Commission is responsible for initiating, developing and implementing policies relating to the welfare of greyhounds. GRNSW regulatory policies applicable to greyhounds and participants that are now registered with the Commission may no longer apply or may apply with modification.

The Commission will progressively develop new regulatory policies in consultation with industry and other stakeholders.

The following codes and policies apply pending the outcome of the Commission’s review and consultation processes:

More information on the Commission's Greyhound Re-homing Policy.

The Commission can enforce these policies under its legislation and the Greyhound Racing Rules.