Regulatory / Stewarding

Stewarding functions will transfer from GRNSW to the Commission from 1 July 2018.  The Commission will employ a number of stewards to oversee race day activities across greyhound racing in NSW.

The Chief Steward will lead a team of stewards who ensure racing is conducted fairly and in accordance with the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 and the Greyhound Racing Rules.  Stewards investigate breaches of the racing rules and apply penalties.

Stewards conduct and oversee inquiries in accordance with legislation, policies and procedures and the rules of evidence. They ensure appropriate resources are assigned to inquiries, examine available evidence, interview witnesses and review transcripts in making fair and transparent decisions.  Stewards are responsible for maintaining public confidence in greyhound racing and ensuring persons involved act with integrity. They are also responsible for safeguarding the welfare of greyhounds and participants, drug testing and regulating race meetings across NSW