Registration information / Registration Fees

Reduction in fees for Greyhound Naming Applications and Litter Registrations - from 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, the Commission will be a decreasing fees for Greyhound Naming Applications and Litter Registrations. From 1 July 2019 both will be reduced to $50 each.

Any naming or litter applications received by the Commission and not yet processed, will be held until the 1 July 2019 to ensure those participants receive the saving. Any participants with pending applications who would like their application processed without delay at the current fee, are encouraged to contact the Commission on 1800 951 755.

Registration fees

Naming Application $80.00
Ownership Transfer$45.00
Litter Registration$150.00
Syndicate Registration$38.00
Partnership Registration$38.00
Owner / Trainer Registration$75.00
Public Trainer Registration$135.00
Attendant Registration$40.00
Stud Master Registration$130.00
Duplicate Photo Card$48.00
Registration of Service$43.00
Greyhound Lease$45.00
Duplicate Greyhound ID Card$48.00
Bookmaker Registration$200.00
Bookmaker's Clerk Registration$59.00
Trial Track Registration$65.00
Trial Track Manager Registration$33.00
Trial Track Assistant Manager Registration$17.00

Registration forms

All forms for registrations and other applications are available on our forms page.

Please send completed forms to: Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission, PO Box 718, Bathurst  NSW 2795

Late fees

An inspector can exercise powers to determine if there has been compliance with or a contravention of the Act, the Greyhound Racing Regulation 2018 or the greyhound racing rules. Late fees are imposed to encourage compliance with the mandatory paperwork requirements and to ensure that key registration transactions can continue to be processed in a timely manner for all participants in the industry.

Lodgement of a Notice of Service

Requirement: Must be lodged within 14 days of service taking place

Late Fees:

  • Lodged between 15 – 45 days = $100
  • Lodged between 45 – 90 days = $200
  • Lodged outside 90 days = $500

Lodgement of DNA

Requirement: Must be performed prior to the registration of a bitch as a breeding female.

Late Fees:

  • Service received  no DNA and bitch not a breeding female = $500

Late Lodgement of Whelping Notices

Requirement: Whelping notice to be lodged within 14 days of whelping

Late Fees:

  • Lodged between 15 – 45 days = $100
  • Lodged between 45 – 90 days = $200
  • Lodged outside 90 days = $500

Late Lodgement of Litter Registration

Requirement: Litter registration to be lodged within 4 months of the litter being whelped

Late Fees:

  • Lodged between 4 – 6 months = $100
  • Lodged between 6 – 8 months = $200
  • Lodged outside 8 months = $500