Registration / Registration Fees

The current fee schedule for licences and registrations is outlined in the table below.

All forms for licences and registrations are available on our forms page.

Please send completed forms to:

Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission
PO Box 718
Bathurst  NSW 2795

Naming Application $80.00
Ownership Transfer$45.00
Litter Registration$150.00
Syndicate Registration$38.00
Partnership Registration$38.00
Owner / Trainer Licence*$75.00
Public Trainer Licence$135.00
Attendant Licence*$40.00
Stud Master Licence*$130.00
Duplicate Photo Licence$48.00
Registration of Service$43.00
Greyhound Lease$45.00
Duplicate Greyhound ID Card$48.00
Bookmaker Licence$200.00
Bookmaker Clerk Licence$59.00
Trial Track Registration$65.00
Trial Track Manager$33.00
Trial Track Assistant Manager$17.00

* These fees apply to new licence applications.