Regulatory / Greyhound Racing Rules

The Greyhound Racing Rules apply to Greyhound Racing NSW, every club in the state, club members, officers, officials, stewards and every person who takes part in any event or attends any race meeting or trials and any greyhound registered with the Commission.

The Commission, under the Greyhound Racing Act 2017, has the power to make rules relating to any aspect of greyhound racing. The Commission will consult with GRNSW and Greyhounds Australasia when making greyhound racing rules.

Once the Commission becomes operational, it will have the power to make rules relating to:

  • Disqualification or warning off in relation to a greyhound racing industry participant or the proprietor of a greyhound trial track
  • Allocation to greyhound racing clubs of dates on which they may conduct greyhound race meetings
  • The conduct of race meetings, races or trials
  • Mandatory education and training requirements for greyhound racing industry participants
  • Adoption by the Commission or GRNSW of penalties imposed by clubs or authorities conducting or controlling greyhound racing, horse racing or harness racing, whether inside or outside NSW
  • The breeding of greyhounds
  • The naming of greyhounds
  • The functions of stewards
  • Prohibiting  the following:
  • betting or wagering at any place where the greyhound trial or training race is held,
  • awarding of any money in respect of any greyhound trial or training race
  • charging for the admission of persons to a greyhound trial track
  • The Commission may amend or repeal the greyhound racing rules from time to time by making a further rule