Online Services / Greyhound Naming

NSW greyhound racing participants are now able to submit their greyhound naming applications online.

Once the online naming form is submitted it will be sent directly to Greyhounds Australasia, who will the process the application and name the greyhound. The greyhounds new name will then appear in MyOzChase, and the Commission will send the greyhounds weight book and registration card to the participant.

If a participant needs to transfer the greyhound into their name, they will need to do this before they submit the online naming form.

online naming portal

Reduction in naming application fees from 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, fees for Greyhound Naming Applications will be reduced from $80 to $50. The recent introduction of online services has made the processing of these transactions more efficient, so the Commission can now pass on these savings to participants.

The Greyhound Naming Application cost covers a $35 Greyhound Racing Australasia fee, with the remaining $15 received by the Commission to process the application.

Any naming applications received by the Commission and not yet processed, will be held until the 1 July 2019 to ensure those participants receive the saving. Any participants with pending applications who would like their application processed without delay at the current fee, are encouraged to contact the Commission on 1800 951 755.

'How to' guides

We have created a 'How to' guide and video to show participants how the online naming form works.

How to complete the online naming application