Media / Use of PPE by Veterinarian at Gosford race meeting

The Commission is issuing this statement to set out the facts surrounding the use of enhanced personal protection equipment (PPE) by the veterinarian performing duties at the Gosford race meeting tonight, Tuesday 24 March 2020.

The Commission would like to assure all persons in attendance at this race meeting that this person does not have, nor has had any close contact with any person who has or may have COVID-19. This individual decided to take their own measures to enhance their personal protection. He is connected to people who work in the health care industry, and who are in the vulnerable health category, but again we stress he has not had any close contact with any person who is, or may be, infected with COVID-19.

The Commission apologises to anyone who was taken by surprise by the presentation of the vet in PPE.

The Commission is working tirelessly to ensure that all appropriate bio-security procedures are implemented during this time and thanks the greyhound racing participants for their ongoing cooperation in these challenging times.