GWIC updates / Greyhound Identification Option For Trainers

Greyhound Identification Option For Trainers

As you would be aware, confirming the identification of greyhounds prior to commencing racing has always been a critical integrity process of the industry.

Confirmation of a greyhound’s identity prior to racing was historically carried out during pre-racing performance trials (PT’s). As PT’s are no longer being conducted, recently there have been incidences where the Commission’s stewards, acting in accordance with the racing rules, had to scratch greyhounds presented for racing.

In acknowledging the inconvenience and disappointment that this can cause trainers and their owners, the Commission’s Stewards now offer participants an identity confirmation service.

Prior to your greyhound competing in its first race you can simply contact the Commission’s stewards on 0427 403 392 or 13 49 42 and arrange a suitable day to bring your greyhound to a race meeting in your region (not the greyhound’s first race meeting, but before) to have the greyhounds identity confirmed and cleared for racing.

We wish to stress that this is a service and is not mandatory.

However, please remember that, if a greyhound is presented to compete in its first event and Commission stewards are unable to properly identify the greyhound, including confirming the microchip record, then the greyhound will be scratched and unable to race until it can be properly identified. This can include having the greyhound re-microchipped.