GWIC updates / 11 February 2020: Health alert - infectious canine diarrhoea reported in QLD

The Commission is concerned about reports of an infectious canine diarrhoea that is affecting greyhounds in QLD. A similar disease was reported in WA recently. Further testing is being conducted on positive cases in QLD to determine the cause of the disease.

Symptoms include:
- loss of appetite
- diarrhoea
- fever
- vomiting
- lethargy

Some deaths have occurred in younger puppies but not in adult greyhounds.

The Commission urges all greyhound trainers to make sure that your greyhound's vaccinations are current. Please immediately isolate (in a separate kennel area with no contact with other greyhounds) any greyhounds that show symptoms of the disease and immediately notify the Commission at

Seek veterinary care for young puppies and affected older greyhounds; those having a high fever and vomiting; and those which only have symptoms of diarrhoea for more than two days.

Do not move greyhounds that are sick, other than to transport to a veterinary clinic for treatment and observe strict biosecurity practices to prevent transmission; the Commissions vets are happy to assist with advice and strategies to limit spread.

The Commission will be monitoring the condition of all NSW trained greyhounds who have raced recently in Qld. Whilst no quarantine from racing will be imposed at this time the Commission reminds all NSW trainers who race in Qld that it is imperative that they closely examine their greyhounds for any signs of infection. If a trainer suspects their greyhounds are suffering from any infection they should quarantine that greyhound immediately and contact the Commission immediately on 13 49 42.

Additionally, the Commission will be closely monitoring the condition of all QLD trained greyhounds that race at NSW tracks. The Commission's CVO is working closely with Qld authorities to ensure that all precautions are taken to prevent the spread of any infection.