News and Updates / Greyhound Racing Rule changes

A number of Greyhound Racing Rule amendments will take effect in New South Wales from 12 November 2018.

Greyhounds Australasia implemented the rule changes from August 2018 and the Commission has now endorsed these amendments.  In particular, participants should note amendments to Rule 83A Raceday Treatment. This rule has been extended to prohibit the use of an injectable substance on the day before a race meeting, as well as on the day of a race meeting.  The change will improve consistency in the way the rule is applied in different states  and will give participants the best chance of presenting their greyhound free of prohibited substances on race day.

Participants are also advised that GAR 1 has been amended to clarify the definition of Prohibited Substances, and now incorporates more detail and examples of prohibited substances. The amendments will not significantly change the way laboratories conduct testing or report the detection of prohibited substances.  Participants need to be aware of these changes, what substances are being given to their greyhounds, and consult a vet if advice is needed.

Please note amendment to rule GAR 21A  prohibits a greyhound racing on consecutive days.

Amendments to the following rules will take effect in New South Wales on 12 November 2018.  Changes to the rules can be accessed via the link below.

GAR 1 – Definition of prohibited substance
GAR 1 – Definition of exempted substance
GAR 83A – Race day and Day Prior Treatment
GAR 79A – List of permanently banned prohibited substances
GAR 84A – Treatment records to be kept
GAR 21A – Consecutive days racing

Download the Greyhounds Australasia FAQs for more information.