News and Updates / Greyhound Racing Regulation 2019


The Greyhound Racing Regulation 2019 has been developed by the NSW Office of Racing and gives life to the Commission’s new registration framework that is prescribed in the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 and a key recommendation of the industry reforms recommended by the McHugh and Iemma Reports, which the Government adopted.

The Regulation will require some individuals undertaking roles within the industry to be registered with the Commission for the first time in accordance with recommendations agreed to by the Government in the Iemma report. The Commission will manage the implementation process in a way that smooths the impact on industry participants.

The Regulation and the Regulatory Impact Statement can be viewed here.

An overview of the net impacts is outlined on page 8 of the Regulatory Impact Statement.

Proposed changes and impact on participants

Provides for the registration of greyhounds, industry participants, greyhound racing clubs and greyhound trial tracks

A small number of new participant categories are created, and must now be registered with the Commission (see further detail below).

Trial tracks and proprietors will be required to apply for and meet registration requirements under the GRA.

The current registration renewal process participants are going through is not impacted by this Regulation for the 2019-20 registration period.

Current trial track managers and trial tracks will remain registered until the new requirements become operational in 2020.

Requires the Commission to maintain registers for greyhounds, industry participants and trial tracks

The Regulation establishes formal registers and allows the Commission to impose registration requirements for participants, greyhounds and public trial tracks. The ability of the Commission to impose registration requirements is critical for implementing whole of life cycle tracking assurance for greyhounds, as recommended in the 2016 Iemma Reform Panel report.

The proposed Regulation allows for registration of participants for up to three (3) years which will provide an opportunity for reduction in annual administrative costs for participants in some circumstances.

The Regulation allows the Commission to set fees for greyhounds, participants and public trial tracks.

No significant new impact on participants.
Expands the persons, in addition to those specified in the Act, who are required to be registered as industry participants

The category of participant registrations known as ‘Trial Track Managers’ will need to apply to a new category known as ‘Trial Track Proprietors’. Existing Trial Track Managers will remain registered until the new role of Trial Track Proprietor becomes operational in mid-2020.

The ‘Greyhound Health Assistant’ is a new participant registration category that will be introduced by the Commission in 2020. It refers to someone who performs massage therapy, acupuncture, first aid or non-invasive injury detection on a greyhound (this does not include people providing these services to their own greyhound).

The Regulation provides clearer requirements for registration of certain club officials(eg. lure operators, judges and race starters) and greyhound promoters.

Trial track proprietors (including owners, occupiers, lessees and managers) will be required to apply for registration with the Commission under new requirements during 2020.

Health Assistant: the Regulationrequires, for the first time, those providing such services to other participants’ greyhounds to apply for registration with the Commission. The requirements for registration of this new category of participants will be developed, in consultation with industry, during 2020.

Specified club officials, specifically lure operators, race starters, judges, and greyhound promoters: the proposed Regulation recognises the role of these participants as it currently exists, but they will now be required to be registered as participants with the Commission.

Registration requirements for the above roles requirements will be developed in consultation with industry in 2020.

Allows the Commission share information contained on registers with animal welfare bodies, law enforcement and other government agencies and bodies

No significant expansion of third parties to which GWIC shares information. The Regulation ensures any information is shared in a manner that is consistent with the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 and for a lawful purpose.

No significant new impact on participants.

Strengthens annual reporting requirements for GRNSW and the CommissionThe Regulation clarifies the annual reporting requirements of GWIC and GRNSW to ensure reports address key welfare and integrity outcomes and measures, providing transparency to build public confidence and trust in the industry.No impact on participants.
Sets penalty infringement notice (PIN) amounts for a number of offences under the Act

Introduces a greater range of enforcement options to allow penalty infringement notices as an alternative to or in addition to prosecution.

The purpose of this more flexible enforcement framework is to improve voluntary compliance and allow the Commission to respond early and proportionately to issues before they escalate to more serious matters.

This provision of the Regulation broadens the suite of enforcement options to address non-compliance. The Commission will develop publicly available guidelines to communicate how the Commission will address non-compliance and enforcement.
Provides for matters of a minor and savings and transitional nature

Legal requirement to preserve existing arrangements until new arrangements commence.

Benefits participants by preserving the existing rules of racing, with which they are familiar.