News and Updates / 20 February: Commission grants registration for Mr Peter Lagogiane

The Commission recently granted an application by Mr Peter Lagogiane for registration as a public trainer. This authorises Mr Lagogiane to train greyhounds owned by other industry participants as well as greyhounds that he owns himself.

In 2002, Greyhound Racing NSW registered Mr Lagogiane as a public trainer. That registration ceased in 2015 when GRNSW disqualified Mr Lagogiane for a 16-week period after he admitted to a breach of the prohibited substance provisions in the rules of racing.

Mr Lagogiane subsequently relocated to the United Arab Emirates where he worked with local authorities to establish and promote greyhound racing.

In 2017, after Mr Lagogiane returned to Australia, GRNSW registered him as an owner/trainer. This registration authorised Mr Lagogiane to train greyhounds owned by himself.

On 22 January 2019 Mr Lagogiane was fined $1000, after he pleaded guilty to an export related matter dealt with by GRNSW.

Mr Lagiogiane applied to the Commission for re-registration as a public trainer. In granting the application, the Commission took into account:

  • the information in Mr Lagogiane’s application documents
  • conduct relevant to Mr Lagogiane as expressed in various inquiry reports published at including the export related inquiry  by GRNSW
  • Mr Lagogiane’s compliance with the rules of racing including the nature, frequency and severity of the breaches. The Commission considered instances of non-compliance with previous rules also.
  • Mr Lagogiane’s payment of fines imposed by GRNSW as a result of breaches and inquiries
  • the fact that GRNSW re-admitted Mr Lagogiane as a participant in the NSW greyhound racing in 2017
  • submissions by Mr Lagogiane’s legal representative.