News and Updates / 13 July 2018: Marsden Park investigation

13 July 2018: Marsden Park investigation

The Commission has been working with the RSPCA on an investigation at a property in Marsden Park. The Commission acknowledges the RSPCA’s swift response to this matter and will continue to work jointly with them to bring the matter to conclusion.

In the lead up to 1 July 2018, the Commission developed its compliance program that encompasses both random inspections and targeted compliance interventions of industry participants. This program is designed to achieve a contemporaneous assessment of where welfare and integrity risks lie, and to detect and bring to account wrongdoing.

The Commission will ensure anyone found to have committed an offence will be brought to justice. There is no room in this industry for those who fail to meet the welfare standards expected.

Participants should report any concerns they have to the Commission regarding animal welfare, integrity or the conduct of any person involved with the industry. Any concerns can be reported anonymously via the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Hotline 1800 680 174 or via the online form available on our website.

Whilst the Commission is focused on assisting participants to comply with expected standards moving forward, it is likely that previous instances of wrongdoing will be identified in that process.

The Commission urges industry participants who are struggling to meet welfare standards relating to greyhounds in their care, to seek assistance from the Commission as early as possible to safeguard the welfare of the greyhound.