/ Animal Welfare Committee - industry representative

Invitation for expressions of interest in appointment as industry representative

Greyhound Industry Animal Welfare Committee

Mr Alan Brown AM, Chief Commissioner of the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission, invites expressions of interest in appointment as the greyhound racing industry representative on the Greyhound Industry Animal Welfare Committee.

This Committee provides advice to the Commission on matters relating to the welfare of greyhounds, including the formulation of welfare policies and standards. Its members are:

  • A person who has expertise in the area of animal welfare or behaviour and who is not a greyhound racing industry participant
  • An officer of the RSPCA (NSW)
  • The NSW Chief Veterinary Officer or nominee
  • A nominee of Greyhound Racing NSW
  • A representative of the greyhound racing industry.

The Committee meets four times a year, or more often if required.

Expressions of interest (EOI) are invited from persons who are interested in appointment as the representative of the greyhound racing industry. The appointment period will be two years.

EOIs are encouraged from people who are registered with the Commission as a greyhound racing industry participant or who otherwise have knowledge and expertise about this industry.

This might help you decide whether to lodge an EOI:

  • Are you acknowledged or respected among your peers as an industry participant or leader?
  • Are you committed to reforms and changes to the industry which improve greyhound welfare?
  • Can you assess and report on the implications of potential improvements to greyhound welfare?
  • Will you respect the views of others, including other Committee members?
  • Will you disclose any conflicts of interest that might exist in relation to specific issues that arise within the Committee and recuse yourself if necessary?
  • Will you treat as confidential any deliberations, where and when confidentiality is required?

Other information

If appointed, you will be required to declare any conflicts of interest and sign a confidentiality agreement.

How to lodge an EOI

Your expression of interest must contain a brief description of:

  • Why you want to participate
  • Your knowledge about and/or your expertise in the greyhound racing industry
  • The nature of your interest or experience in the industry, now and in the past
  • Relevant personal details, including your contact details.

Submit your EOI by 11:59pm Tuesday 5 May 2020 to hr.recruitment@gwic.nsw.gov.au