What we do / Investigations and Enforcement Powers

The Commission has a broad range of investigative powers to enable it to effectively carry out its functions and ensure compliance with the relevant codes, rules and laws.

The Commission’s powers will be exercised to determine whether or not a person has breached the Greyhound Racing Act 2017, the Greyhound Racing Regulations, the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Greyhounds and the Greyhound Racing Rules.

  • Powers to require information and records
    Commission inspectors can require a person to produce records in connection with any matter arising in connection with the Act.
  • Power to enter premises
    Inspectors can enter premises at any reasonable time. In order to enter any part of a premises used for residential purposes, the inspector must have permission from the owner or obtain a warrant.
  • Powers to inspect and seize
    An inspector can examine or inspect any part of the premises or any animal on the premises, take and remove samples, make examinations the inspector deems necessary. The inspector can also take photographs, film, audio or video recordings, require records to be produced, inspect and copy these records. The inspector can seize anything he deems is connected to an offence or used to carry out an offence.
  • Power to require answers
    Inspectors can require a person who they believe has knowledge of an offence to answer questions in relation to the matter.
  • Recording of evidence
    An inspector can cause any questions and answers to be recorded, as long as the inspector notifies the person that the recording is taking place. The inspector may also make a recording using sound or visual recording devices and a copy of the record must be furnished to the person who is the subject of the inspection.
  • Power to demand name and address
    An inspector who suspects a person of committing an offence can demand that person provides them with their full name and residential address.