Public consultation / Draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice

The draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice (Code) was identified by the NSW Government’s Greyhound Industry Reform Panel as a key reform needed to drive long term improvements in animal welfare in the NSW greyhound racing industry.

The draft has been developed with reference to existing Codes of Practice and establishes a single set of standards that will improve animal welfare in the NSW greyhound racing industry, and in time ensure the sustainability and longevity of the industry for the future. The Code will also complement the Greyhound Racing Rules and will apply to all greyhound racing industry participants in NSW.

A consultation period will commence on 16 January 2020 and conclude on 31 March 2020. During this time participants, industry stakeholders and the general public will be able to provide feedback and submissions on the draft Code online or via post. Information sessions will be held in February 2020 where anyone can discuss the draft Code with the Commission and ask questions.

Once the final Code becomes effective (not before 1 July 2020), the Commission will work with participants to support them through a transition period and allow adequate time (proposed 10 years) for infrastructure updates that require financial investment. The timings of the transition period will be discussed during consultation.

Participants must continue to comply with the Greyhound Racing Rules, existing Codes of Practice and GWIC Policies until the new Code becomes effective.

When will participants need to be compliant with the new Code?

Participants will be given reasonable time to comply with areas of the new Code that require financial investment. For all other parts of the Code, participants will be required to comply from the effective date.

New participants that enter the industry after the new Code's effective date, will be expected to be fully compliant with the new Code.

When will the new Code become effective?

Once the public consultation period has finished, all feedback and submissions will be considered and the final Code will be developed. The final Code will then be presented to the NSW Government for endorsement. An effective date (not before 1 July 2020) for the Code will then be confirmed.

Participants and industry stakeholders will be advised once the effective date for the new Code has been confirmed.

Information sessions

During February 2020, information sessions were held at greyhound racing clubs to give participants the opportunity to discuss with the Commission what the draft Code means for them, and how they might be affected.

Consultation details

Start date 16 Jan 2020
End date 31 Mar 2020
Time remaining to have your say 0 days
Contact name: Dr Abigail Groves
Contact number: 13 49 42

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