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What is the GWIC Industry Knowledge Network (GIKN)?

The GWIC Industry Knowledge Network is a network of individuals associated with greyhound racing that can be engaged by the Commission from time to time to sense check the Commission's thinking on how things work in the industry, seek feedback on what the potential impacts might be of proposed changes, and/or seek additional views or perspectives on what is happening within the industry.

The interactions the Commission has with this group could be a simple phone call from time to time, workshops to discuss key topics, or forums to focus on key issues and seek more comprehensive feedback and insights.

There may be some circumstances where the Commission will ask for discussions with the Network to remain in confidence, and it will be expected on those occasions that requests for confidentially will be adhered to.

Who can nominate?

Anyone who believes they can contribute to the implementation of reforms to the NSW greyhound racing industry are invited to nominate themselves for the network.

The Commission recognises there are many different views on issues and topics, and encourages people to nominate who can contribute:

  • A ‘what is in the best interests of the industry’ perspective
  • A commitment to industry reforms, including animal welfare reforms
  • Can effectively communicate existing knowledge
  • Be recognised by peers as an individual that can add value
  • Can think through the ramifications and implications of possible changes to the industry
  • Prepared to disclose any conflicts of interest that might exist in relation to specific issues
  • Adhere to any requests for confidentiality
  • Collaborate with the Commission’s staff and others in the network

Areas of expertise

Nominees will be able to indicate their areas of expertise to ensure participants are included in relevant consultation activities.

Areas of expertise can include;

  • Breeding trends
  • Greyhound Racing Rules
  • Training methods, including early socialisation and ethical chase practices
  • Industry trends and statistics
  • General knowledge of industry practices and processes

What the GIKN is not

The network is not intended to replace other avenues of consultation that the Commission will undertake from time to time. Broader consultation outside of the Network will continue to occur.

The Network is not intended to be used by those on the network to ‘lobby’ the views of particular vested interests or interest groups within industry.

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